Safety tips at the workplace

Below are safety tips to note at the workplace so as to safely return home to our loved ones.

  1. Always wear the recommended clothing for your type of work
  2. If you are a construction worker by the roadsides and highways, always make yourself visible by wearing reflector jackets or other visible clothing
  3. Avoid less ventilated areas.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and fruit juices, taking regular breaks when working in an environment where much heat is produced.
  5. Do not take any medication that can cause drowsiness before or during any machine operation
  6. Inform colleagues of your whereabouts at the workplace. Do check on your colleagues especially when they fail to turn up for lunch breaks
  7. Promptly report any exposed electrical wiring at the workplace
  8. Report on leakage, damp walls or floors and mouldy surfaces promptly
  9. Always know the emergency exits at your workplace

Remember, your loved ones need you to be back home, safely, so keep safe at the workplace.

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