What does being physically active mean?

Staying active is doing anything that makes your body move. This includes doing physical activities like house chores, brisk walking, dancing, skipping, and pushups etc.

Physical activities can be grouped into light, moderate, vigorous or muscle strengthening exercises. The rate of your heart beat, and how fast or hard you breathe as a result of the physical activity, determines whether it is light, moderate or vigorous.

Light intensity physical activity

The heart rate is usually normal and the individual breathes normally. Examples include;

  1. Cooking
  2. Washing clothes or doing the laundry
  3. Cleaning
  4. Walking

Moderate intensity physical activity

While doing moderate physical activities, your heart rate will be raised and you will breathe faster. You will also feel warm and sweat slightly. Examples include;

  1. Brisk walking
  2. Playing Basketball
  3. Playing Volley ball
  4. Cycling

Vigorous intensity physical activity

These are activities that make the heart beat faster and make the individual breathe very fast and hard. The individual will also feel warm which may result in sweating. Examples of vigorous intensity activities are;

  1. Skipping with a rope
  2. Running or jogging
  3. Swimming
  4. Playing football

Muscle strengthening activities

Apart from the above, certain activities strengthen the muscles. They include;

  1. Lifting weights
  2. Doing sit ups or push ups
  3. Carrying or moving heavy loads

From the basked of light, moderate, vigorous, or muscle strengthening activities, there is a lot to choose. Make your choice and get active for a healthier, happier life today.

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