Become A Healthier You by Irene Danquah; What’s In The Book ?

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BECOME A HEALTHIER YOU is a healthy living book written for a general audience. It aims to show people exactly how to become healthier just by varying five elements in their life- eating, activeness, sleeping, alcohol and smoking.

The content is based on practical experience, large scale original research, and several high quality sources from multiple countries.

Because the book is written in everyday language and offers one hundred practical and original tips, it is useful for anybody looking for simple things they can do to live a healthier life. Additionally, health practitioners and students under training will find it a very useful reference because they can easily refer to it for practical, simple, advice applicable in the Ghanaian or African context.


Chapter Listing

Chapter 1: What is the truth about healthy lifestyle?

The first chapter answers the question; what is healthy lifestyle? It explains what makes up a healthy lifestyle – healthy eating, physical activity, getting enough rest, not smoking and safe use of alcohol.

The chapter also clears common health myths and misconception like ‘super-foods’ and the so called fat-melting ability of alcohol. It ends by presenting the truth about healthy lifestyle backed by evidence.


Chapter 2: Are you walking in the truth? How healthy are you?

This chapter is dedicated to self-assessments for each component of a healthy lifestyle. The assessments are presented in simplified formats so the reader can assess their healthy lifestyle habits and know how healthy they are.

At the end of each assessment, the reader is presented with some recommendations and an explanation of the need to continue the healthy lifestyle journey.


Chapter 3: Why should you become a healthier person?

This covers obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer. The chapter explains what these diseases are, what causes them, why they are ‘dangerous’, who can get them and how widespread they are.

In this chapter, a reader will see how an unhealthy lifestyle is associated with these diseases, and find motivatation to take concrete actions.


Chapter 4: 101 tips to live healthier everyday

This chapter gives a lot of tips- 101 in total. All the tips are original and practical things anybody can do today to become a healthier person. For example, tricks to avoid adding too much salt to meals, tips to get enough sleep, and how to stop smoking by gradually reducing intake. These tips can be generally applied by everybody and the reader is prepped right at the beginning of the chapter.


Chapter 5: How to help your family, religious group, workplace stay healthier and on a budget

There are lots of things we can do in our various roles in the family, workplace and religious groups, to make the group healthier. The chapter suggests ideas for various group activities for people to perform with their families, office mates and other groups to become healthier.  Tips are also given on how any individual or group can become healthier without breaking the bank.


Bonus Chapter: An action plan for you

The bonus chapter is an action plan and evaluation template. A reader can fill the action plan template and use it to set their own goals and move towards becoming a healthier person. The evaluation plan template helps the individual to check how well they are doing and to identify what needs to be done to do better.


Page Count: 100 Pages in hardcopy

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